Skövde Skatehall –




“We would like to have your art on one of our wall, join us and 15 other artist on a weekend”

I would still like to say that I am at an amateur level when it comes to spray painting. However, with that said, I was still asked if I wanted to participate with 15 other artists in painting a wall. Since I enjoy boarding and skating, it felt like a fun thing to do


It wasn’t too difficult to figure out what to sketch. Since I have had previous collections, this little cute fox felt like an obvious choice. There are three parts. This one is called ‘Fox on Vole Hunt.’

In this image, the fox has sensed where the vole is and is jumping to gain momentum. Now the question is, how do I capture this on a 6km2 wall with the same feeling?


Sketching freehand and transferring it onto a wall was a challenge. But who doesn’t like challenges? In the end, I managed to capture what I wante, I think 🙂


Despite the fear of heights, I mustered the courage to tackle this. Challenging myself and experimenting with the colors, including the wonderful Squeezer marker pen

“Dream came true. My first wallpaint