As a creative soul, I’m constantly immersed in thoughts about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the creation of things.

This deep curiosity led me to pursue a career as a UX Designer, where I’m passionately exploring profound questions to better empathize with user experience and behaviours.

Who am I

Adventurous and crafty mom. Like a splash of color in everyday life, I bring joy, creativity and care to my sorroundings

My interests

  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • All types of crafting…..well, who am I trying to fool? I have to many interests and I find it incredibly fun to try new things and challenge myself in different areas

As a designer…..

I want to contribute inclusive design and create user friendly experience for everyone. As a colleague, I also care about my fellow colleagues, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys their time.

I’m eager to deepen my knowledge in

  • Universell design & WCAG 2.2
  • Information architecture
  • Analyze collected data

My career – the short version